HELP:java and opengl

hi everybody!!!1
i’m a beginner either in java and opengl.
so … how do i start a java program with “something” that resembles opengl in it??
what do i need more than the standard JDK of java(ver. 1.2)?

you may use Java3D which is nothing like opengl, but an ok 3d api anyway.

You may (although I do not suggest it for the light of heart) use the JNI (Native AWT) and use actual gl code

you may also check this site for magician or jogl or a java 3d library

so to write code with native openGL commands i must use c++ or visual c++, don’t i?

it is not completely necessary… I think there are java bindings for opengl, as I said check this site for Magicial or jogl

This may also be of use

this comes from the beginning page on this site and it is about native redering with java…

So not necessarily I don’t think…

many thanks