Help in movement please

hi, iam trying to make a simple game, but i have no idea why the movement looks so bad! ive already made a PacMan under Windows and it runned fine, this time i wanted to try under linux but iam not getting it done… i think it has nothing to do with the fact iam running under linux, ive tried continuous (and not continuous) movement. Ive asked this before in the forum and someone gave me the tip to activate flags to verify continous movement, but i was already doing that.

If u have pacience to see it running, here is the code:

thanks for any help

i just ask u a stupid question: are u sure that your linux is hardware accelerated? i had a lot of troubles making my red hat work (and even to notice that the sucking penguin didn’t used my GeForce at all). bye the Gunslinger

Im sure it works over hardware. Mandrake 9.0 uses hardware for desktop display.