Help in drawing a parametric surface

I want to draw a parametric surface along x, y axis which is supposed to look like a Chinese hand fan or very similar to it. The bounding box ranges from [-1 1 -1 1]. I try with half disk or quarter disk, but it only cover the half area of the box. I need to cover the full area. Any help will be highly appreciated.

Thanks every body in advance.

If you have a parametric surface, you can calculate point coordinates easily, all you then need to do is to connect them somehow. Check this out:

I hope it helps, you’ll need to do a lot of research.

Actually, it sounds like you have the hard stuff done. Apparently you are drawing the fan, but it’s too small and not located correctly. All you have to do now is use glScale to make it larger, and glTranslate to position it properly in the window.

Might want to try Bezier surfaces or NURBS.
Bezier surfaces :