HELP i'm lost :(

hello all, hope u are all well ?

i was just wondering if anyone can help me ?
i have made a little app where i’m do loads of transformations and rotaions. but i need to find out where my objects have been moved to by all these rotations and stuff.

i have an object that starts say at 0,0,0 and i do some nice transformed and spin it about a tad. how can i work out where the x, y, z of the object is now ?

if you are stoing the degree of transformation in some variables, lets say xTrans, yTrans, and zTrans… then you just add the transformation variables to your origin, you could do the saqme thing with rotation i think.

yer i should glGetFloatv(GL_MATRIX, array[16]); worked great.

returns all the transformations, ran into another hassle now.

It’s also helpful to build up your transformations bit by bit, not just pile them all up at once.

Start with an object at the origin. Then apply a single transform to it and make sure it’s doing what you want it to do. Once you’ve made sure that works, then move on to the next one, etc.

It’s a good way that you understand how composing multiple transforms works …


some one says use ‘gluProject’ to sort it… hummm wonder how that works

i have gone thou all the Transformations one at a time… the code is look nicer now.