Help! How to get started under Win32

Hi folks,

I want to create an OpenGL program for Windows but in the course of googling to learn what is the proper interface and approach (e.g. MFC & ActiveX? Glut? etc), I’ve only become more and more confused.

I will just tell you my goals:

  • I want to have a part of the main window containing a 3D scene.
  • I want to have various buttons and text-input and dials
    situated around it.

I don’t currently have an MFC-capable development system, as I’m using Visual Studio Express which is free, but I can obtain Visual Studio Professional if necessary.

What is the proper way to go about this?


PS: I have looked at a few rather large and complicated
systems for dealing with VRML files and IV files. These
appear to be far too complicated, buggy, etc to deal with,
which is why I am trying to start from scratch. That,
and the fact that I want to finally learn OpenGL coding :slight_smile:

You could try using .NET with Tao or OpenTK; it will probably provide best productivity, if your application doesn’t need fine-graned performance tuning.

Do I understand from your post that VS Express is not MFC capable? Boo-urns.

(I sent you a private message with a suggestion on how to confirm).