Help: how to find reference of Rectangle, Triangle etc, in opengl

I’m a greenhand in open graphic library and I want to use CLion to compile my opengl project (in C++). Therefore, I downloaded glut and free glut directory on the Internet. Then I put these header files into my include library root.
However, when building the project, it tells me undefined rference to lots of glut classes and functions.
What should do to find the relevant files that contains the information of these classes (e.g. Rectangle, Triangle) and functions (e.g.glutTimerFunc, glutPostRedisplay)?
Thanks a lot in advance!

My external library is like this.

A header file only declares the functions. You also need to link against the library (.dll or .lib file, or possibly a .a file for MinGW). The details depend upon the IDE, but look for an “additional libraries” option in the “linking” section of the project configuration.

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