HELP! How can I put "3D Exploration opengl code" in my program???(vc++)

HELP! How can I put “3D Exploration opengl code” in my program???(vc++)

What exactly do you mean by this ?

3D movement ? Perhaps cursor keys to move around the screen or using the mouse to control movement ?

Sorry, but unless these means something to someone a bit more information may be required for us to know what you are asking help for.


3D Exploration (now known as Deep Exploration ) is a file format converter for 3D files. It can export 3D files as OpenGL code, and I believe the OP wan’t to know how to add this code into the project.

Sorry, but can’t help, never used it before.

Have you read the docs?They should explain.I’m not sure about this but if I remeber correctly(long time since I used it) it creates a .cpp(.c,whatever) file which compiles a display list.So you just have to include the file in your project and call that list.Again,take a look at the docs you’ll get a better answer in less time.

if u save the 3d models to .cpp .then use display list to call the models. it will make it is slower than u used 3ds Loader to load the 3d models.