HELP GUTTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just posted the message below. A few minuets later I noticed another message below with some of the anwsers I may be looking for. It was the exact problem I have. The message was posted by Gutter. Somehow he fixed but he said he didn’t know. I have dwelling on this problem for months. I am losing my sanity. HELP GUTTTTTTTTTTER!!!

Hi there!

Well i,m not glutter, and I don’t have a ATI Rage Pro board my self, but as far as I can see from the console log, Q3 failed to find an appropriate Pixelformat that works with your current configuration.

Do you have your desktop set to a colordeph of 24 bits per pixel? As far as I can recall the Rage Pro (or Rage Pro Turbo) can only accelerate 3d in eighter 16 bit per pixel or 32 bit per pixel) You should try to set your desktop to 16 bit per pixel and try again.

I that doesn’t work, you should check out ATI’s website and look for an unsuported Quake drive.

I hope that helped you.

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hey are you still having problems? if so, email me at
(eveyone says mess with your desktop settings, but that doenst do anything)