HELP!! GLUT V.S. Motif

Hi gang.
Have a problem - I am programming openGL on a Sun computer using X windows. The topic has arrose on weather we can use GLUT 3.7 or Motif as a ‘helper’ for OpenGL. I am new to the OpenGL world and Motif world as well and did not know if A) GLUT and Motif can work nicely together (ie, can I use some functionality from one and other functionality from another without problems?). B) If not, which is better for portability, performance, ease of use? C) If there are any good books on programming openGL with Motif(if I have to use it).
I myself see that GLUT seems to be the standard way to go and the green book uses many features of GLUT on the X window system, but on the project we are working on Motif is currently being used. My boss has asked what would be the
benifits to using GLUT over Motif? And he said that the two don’t work together (Though he has never used GLUT or OpenGL, only Motif). Any and all information on this subject would be appreciated!!!


GLUT will constrain you to how you design your application, and limit you on user interface. I would suggest you not use it unless making a quick test application.

Motif is a layer over X11/Xlib to make GUI building easier. But to use GL and X, I would go with GLX. You use the basic Xlib functions to create a glx context and you still have all the power for your user interface just like any other X application.

The question is: Is is possible to access Xlib through Motif so that you can initialize GLX? I have not done much of any Motif work, so see what Motif will let you do.