help forum ?

Can we have a public forum for asking for help ? I’m having some troubles getting the maya importer/exporter compiled for Maya4.5, but I’m not sure where I should ask for help.


For questions related to Maya import/export the best is to contact Alias.
Please look at the contact information in the Maya section.

So should I email Feeling Software directly about issues with ColladaMaya ? Its seems like there ought to be public message board for this kind of thing…

The CGFX examples do not appear to work (I get no parameters in the colladafxShader1 node) and I get these errors in the console:

// Warning: File not found: render_colladafxPasses.xpm //
// Warning: File not found: render_colladafxShader.xpm //

The Latest Plug-in post on has all the information regarding where to get the latest version, and where to eport bugs.

In your specific case, you will be redirected to the sourceforge bug-tracker.