Help!For openGL shadow mapping

(I’m a Taiwan student, so if there’s something wrong or weird with my poor English,
please,forgive me.)
I got some questions for openGL.

The following file is my full source code,which is actually my homework.
(I’m a new user and seems that I can post links in the topic.
So, I make a space here,if it were illegal,please inform me.)

I’am asked to implement shadow mapping here.
I refer to this tutorial.

So,in my program, I try to make two-part shading.

  1. Render the depth map
  2. Use depth map to render the scene.

I think this program has been done,but I got nothing in my program.
If you run this program,you will get the result which is black only.

The ideal result should be something like this.

I try to find out errors in my code, and fix lots of problems.
I’ve checked VAO/VBO,matrix loading and every shader, and so on.

It seems that everything is good here,but my program does not work…

I’m very sorry that what I only can do is to upload my whole source code which I think is a very rude behavior,but,please,help me.
I’ve spent almost whole day to find out errors,but get nothing better…

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