Help example C ++ code skeletal animation

Hello everyone. Can anyone provide me with an entire project written in C ++ for OpenGL 3.3 (use Code :: Blocks with MinGW 7.1) of an example of character animation (read from a .dae file) that uses the skeletal animation ?
I can not find anyone with Google. I would like to understand how the code is implemented. I followed the tutorial and after the chapter on the mesh I would like to use the animation of a 3D character (.dae file) according to the skeletal animation method.
I would be immensely grateful.

Can you possibly tell me if there is a website or a pdf where I can find his theory to study ?

Check out:

That is the tutorial I based my code on. It seems a bit much to ask for a full implementation given your preferable OpenGL and IDE. However, you can find my code at: Follow the instructions to install under Linux or Windows (using visual basic).

There is a demo of a Dragon being animated (using an FBX file), you can cycle through the animations using the keys 0 (Breath fire), 1 (Jump and fly), and 2 (Walk).


Thank you Bram Ridder, the site that you put me already know him, the only problem I have to fill out the whole library, and I have problems with Code :: Blocks 16.1 MinGW 7.1

This might not be the best forum for setting up your IDE. Have you checked the Code::Blocks forums?

Unfortunately my English is not the best. I badly explained myself. The problem is not Code :: Blocks or MinGW, but compiling your code using Code :: Blocks.
The problem is that I have to compile what is in Common. Have you created a static library from this folder ? Did you use OpenGL 3.3 or Vulkan ?

I managed to compile up to the tutorial 12. In tutorial 13 I have a problem with the AntTweakBar library. I compiled the AntTweakBar library using the sources and I obtained a static libAntTweakBar.a library. When he uses it in tutorial 13 he tells me that he does not see some features of AntTweakBar, as if the AntTweakBar library was not present in the project. I’m stuck here.

Maybe contract the author himself:

Thank you Bram Ridder :smiley:

I had this issue with that tutorial and here is what I did to fix it.

sudo cp ogldev-source/Lib/ /usr/lib/ and then ran sudo ldconfig and ran ./tutorial13 again it worked.

Step by Step Skeletal Animation in C++ and OpenGL, Using COLLADA