HELP: CoD on Toshiba A20

HI there, any help wold be appreciated. CoD is my first game download–therefor pleae forgive my ignorance. I get a prompt that my video card does not support the program. However, I am on a new Toshiba A20 with a trident cyberaladdin p-4 video card, which to me seems like ti should support these things. Anywya, I cannot find an upgrade anywhere on the internet. After speaking to toshiba they said I need to speak to Trident who, amusingly, said that I need to speak to Toshiba…does anyone know of a solution or whether this is a lost cause?? Thanks in advance.

Lost cause…

Trident is definatly a lost cause…


Originally posted by Qwerty77:
[b]Trident is definatly a lost cause…


Well, thanks for the advice, this is unfortunate. Is it a compatability issue or simply that trident sucks?? One would think that for the price I paid the computer would be a little more user friendly…

Lets put it this way:

They are cheap.

Sorry but Trident was never great and they are known for their buggy drivers and slow hardware.

Well NDixon, I guess you can write this one off as lesson learned.

More than once, I’ve screwed myself by not doing my homework.

I took a look at the specs for your A20 and everything looks great except for that piece of crap Trident video card. And really, I can’t fault Toshiba as their A series is completely business oriented.

Consumers need to consider the VIDEO CARD most importantly when getting a laptop if they expect to play games.

Recently, Alienware has pushed the envelope by offering upgradable video in their laptops. I believe others like Dell and Toshiba are (slowly) following suit.

Well, thanks for the insight, at least now I know that CoD is not going to happen. I assume that I will experience a similar issue should I try other game software. However, you are both right, I should have done more research on the video card issue…games were a secondary concern when purchasing however, and now I know for next time–however unfortunate this is. Thanks again for the sharing of your knowledge, it is appreciated.