HELP, can't use extensions !

Please help me ! Can’t use the EXT routines !

Option Explicit
Const GL_TEXTURE0_ARB = &H8078 '*** 0x8078 ***
Private glActiveTextureARB As Long

glActiveTextureARB = wglGetProcAddress(“glActiveTextureARB”)

'*** The result is :
'*** glActiveTextureARB = 1767394448

glActiveTextureARB (GL_TEXTURE0_ARB)

Then I have an error message that it is NOT found in DLL entries…

And I have an address AND my card supports it (RIVA TNT)

What have I done wrong ? Tell me please !

Ok, I don’t know what language that is, but I think I understand that much that you declare glAcriveTextureARB as a long integer variable, am I correct?

If so, I think this can be the problem. glActiveTextureARB shouldn’t be a variable, but a pointer to a function. wglGetProcAddress returns a pointer to the function. You need to declare glActiveTextureARB as a poiter to a function, and maybe this will do.

Just a tip, but maybe declaring it as long interger is correct, I don’t know what language it is, and nor do I know how it works

Please help me ! The upper code was wrong in some kind.
OpenGl programmers, you should be able to help me now :


---- This function is in C ----
WINGDIAPI void APIENTRY glLoadIdentity (void);

---- This function is in my VB language and DOES WORK !!! ----
Declare Function glLoadIdentity Lib “opengl32.dll” As Long

******************** Here starts my troubles ********************

---- This function is in C, okay ? ----

---- This crashes, why why why ??? ----
Declare Function glActiveTextureARB Lib “openGl32.dll” Alias “PFNGLACTIVETEXTUREARBPROC” (target As GLuint) As Long

(target As GLuint) has NOTHING TO DO ! It is the entry that is NOT found…

People ! What is the REAL name of the extensions ??? This seems to crash.

why is it so complicate to use the EXT ?

Ok, in C,
WINGDIAPI void APIENTRY glLoadIdentity (void);
declares a function called glLoadIdentity.
defines a function type called PFNGLACTIVETEXTUREARBPROC.

So in C one would actually use,
to first declare a function of that type, and then use wglProcAddress to assign that function its address. You’ll need to do something similiar in VB, but how, is beyond me.

Thank you for your reply,

but here’s ends my VB program, if think…

I can create “NEW” types with it, but it
is impossible to creates specials voids
like in C…

WinObject =/= CVoids ???

I don’t think it would be easy as this

Noone will help me, I’m sure, GL_EXT is too advanced for VB, SO BE CAREFULL VB USERS IF I’M CORRECT…

Where can I convert to C easily ?