Help between Delphi and C#.Net application?

Hello all,

I have a problem about to choice programming language to develop an application on 3D cad/cam and on windows with OpenGL.

I know Delphi (win32 application) very well, and I know C#.NET (V.Studio 2005) but I don’t know C++

I want to write a program on 3D modelling with OpenGL.
Somebody tell me that C#.NET will be slow, and it need installed dotNet framework before on a client.

Anothers tell me; use Delphi, it will not be slow for 3D modelling application with OpenGL.

And some people tell me; I must to learn C++ (MFC) and not C#.NET and Delphi.

Please I’m awating your suggestions…
Thank you very much

Its more question of your preference. If you don’t want to learn C++, use Delphi. Delphi has advantage against .Net that you don’t need to install framework, and for CAD software (and any other 3D software) you will not use advantage of .Net. Code speed of Delphi is ok, but if you plan to have big project, I guess C++ is better (class organization…). Delphi has simplier GUI creator interface than MFC (for 3D you don’t need MFC).
So if you plan simple or not so large project, use Delphi :slight_smile: . Otherwise make a choice between Delphi and C++.

My project is not simple, so I must to learn C++

>Delphi has simplier GUI creator interface than >MFC (for 3D you don’t need MFC).

if I don’t need to MFC for 3D cad/cam program design, which template I use in Visual Studio 2005 C++

  1. V. C++ Win32 Project?
    2 )V. C++ Windows Forms Application? (but it’s dotNET)
  2. V. C++ Win32 Console Application? (but it’s dos, not windows)
  3. V. C++ MFC Application? (doesn’t need it for 3D cad/cam and it’s difficult)

I need your guide, so I’ll begin to learn…
Thank you very much…

Nice, you decided to learn C++ :slight_smile: .
Here we have small misunderstaning - you don’t need GUI directly for 3d rendering, but propably you need it for CAD application menus, feature windows… so you can use MFC (programming it directly in Win API is harder).
MFC is not hard, but just little bit complicated than Delhpi.

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