Help adding points to NURBS surface

Hi there,
I’m trying to add more control points to a NURBS surface. I can define a square with 4 sets of 4 vertices. No problem there. But then I want to add two more sets, so I’ll have 6 sets of 4 vertices (ctrlpoints[6][4][3]) The thing is, I add two more sets, and nothing happens. I know I have to alter gluNurbsSurface, but I don’t know what specifically needs to be changed–I’ve tried altering the uorder field to 6 and the knot counts, but all I ever get is a black screen.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I can be more specific with what I’m doing if needed.


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I did the same test and it doesn’t work…
So I found another solution with line strips and now I have another problem to find the real coordinates of the control points…
Anyway if you find a solution to the NURBS problem, please let me know.