Help a n00b get started

I’ve had a tough time trying to find the applicable header files and a decent tutorial. I’m trying to get the openGL header files for windows (

Sorry if this is considered a stupid question, but what files do I need, and where is a good tutorial?
(getting the header files, writing a simple program, ect…)

It’s not a stupid question :slight_smile:

header files:


OpenGL ‘Red Book’

happy OpenGLing.

So glext.h, glxext.h, and wglext.h are all the files I need to start using c++?

i would recommend getting glaux.dll and glaux.h as well. it old and antiquated but its useful if you are going to do NeHe’s tutorials. glaux is hard to find and i cant remember where i got it from but if you give me an email ill send it to you :slight_smile:

to anyone who has used nehe’s tutorial for windows,
exactly what files do I need (h, dll, bin, ect…)
and where can I get them?

I’m also having a problem with the first part of his tutorial, linking the bin files. There’s no settings under the Project menu.

for NeHe’s tutorials you need

gl.h, glaux.h, glext.h, glu.h, glaux.lib, glu32.lib, opengl32.lib, glaux.dll, glu32.dll and glu.dll

i think thats it. the dll’s go in the system32 directory and the lib’s go in your compilers lib directory

I’m having trouble finding glaux.dll and glu.dll

If anyone has them…

AIM: InvaderMindspin

check your inbox, i just sent them