Hello Triangle doesn't run


I am trying to do the first tutorial from the online book ‘Learning Modern 3D Graphics Programming’ of Jason L. McKesson.

I figured out how to build the SDK libraries, and now I try to build the tutorial itself. Everything seems te be fine, but upon running this message appears in my .exe screen: ‘freeglut <c:\OpenGL\Tut 01 Hello Triangle.\Tut 01 Main.exe>: Unable to create OpenGL 3.3 context <flags 0, profile 1>’

No errors, only this.

I read it might have something to do with my videocard.

I am using an acer 5740, OS: Windows 7, graphics card: ATI Mobility Radeon 5xxx

If more information is needed, ask for it, and I will try to provide it :slight_smile:


Mobility Radeon HD 5xxx should be OpenGL 3.3 compatible. Try to install some newer Catalyst drivers.
Before reinstalling drivers, you could check the current version with OpenGL Extension Viewer.

Have you got example’s code? That error code doesn’t look like a freeglut error. Is freeglut’s .dll in your current working directory?