Hello OpenGL

I am just barely understanding code for C++ again and I just hope and cringe that OpenGL 1.1 stays put. I am just starting to learn OpenGL from nothing but old documents and I just cringe because I am always afraid that OpenGL 1.1 will be depreciated and erased from video cards in the future. Learning a new graphics view port is like a dream to me and as nerdy as it sounds it has a spiritual feeling to learning things that were already ironed out.

Sorry, but what do you mean exactly ?

I am just afraid of learning the basics to OpenGL and having it ripped apart and replaced with a new API. I think it is just a feeling that I will not get into the new things OpenGL has to offer, but maybe it is the “training wheel” feeling that I have trying to learn a 3D graphics technology.

Or you can go straight into modern GL here :

Some (like me) may argue that GL 1.x was easier to learn for simple stuff, but modern GL is much more generic and it is easier to do custom rendering.