Hello, I am a 14 year old beginner...

:confused: Well, I am a 14 year old beginner and I know almost nothing about OpenGl… I started using basic but it didnt help me too much… Can anyone give me any ideas for any computer languages i could download with the compiler… And help me with that language! deadhippie60@yahoo.com, here is my email… Please help!

Hi !

Visual Basic can be used with OpenGL, but C is not very difficult to learn either, get a good book or have a peek at some tutorials, there are zillions of them on the internet (use google to search for them).

Do not try to mess around with OpenGL until you got the hang of the language you choose.

There are lots of different compilers available.

If you use Linux you already have all you need.

If you use windows then there are a number to choose from, MinGW32 is the GNU compilers for Win32 ( www.mingw.org ) another alternative is to use the OpenWatcom compiler ( www.openwatcom.org ), you can also look at LCC which is a C compiler only ( http://www.cs.virginia.edu/~lcc-win32/ )

But both Borland and Microsoft has compilers available for free download I belive if you fancy them.

So there are many choices here.


I would do c++, www.cprogramming.com is a good site. go to www.bloodshed.net for a c++ compiler.

if you want c/c++ get djgpp at www.delorie.com, tuts from code.box.sk, and some basic game writting from www.allegro.cc everything free

I have done Visual Basic programming for a long time, and found that, as a beginner, it is the best. However, with the speed of the c++ compilers out there, I would recommend using c++. Simply because windows is c++. I would echo a previous post by saying that you should get to know whatever language you choose inside and out, get in there and learn what makes the language tick. Learn some low level languages like Assembly. Thease are very fast, ( no object code step needed, in compilation)

I would not recommend learning Assembly, at least not yet. Optimizing compilers are very good, it is very unlikely to be better than they are in most cases.

Granted, by analyzing stall cycles and similar things you can get a bit more out of your CPU, but that’s VERY advanced stuff and I wouldn’t recommend touching this at your level…

For the language choice I can only repeat what the others have said: Try learning C (or C++). Although it is possible to write OpenGL programs in VB, most tutorials and code samples are written in C.

The perfect language for a beggineer is Pure C. It’s very common to C++ and Java.

There is a free pure C compiler here and 20 or so of Nehe’s OpenGL lessons have been ported to pure C.

C is very easy to learn. In College you can easyly make the jump to these other languages if you know C.