hell: no reflective bump mapping tutorial in the whole web?!?

i’m searching since 2 days, using google, alltheweb - and the ONLY site i found that covers reflective bumpmapping is http://www.ultimategameprogramming.com . the problem: they promise to release the tutorial when the new website design is finished. who knows when this will be…

would so much like to add reflective bumpmapping to my game, http://www.gravytris.tk . so my question: is there any tutorial ? any source code? i of course would like to prefer code that works both on ati and nvidia. as i’m totally new to shaders, a stupid beginners question: what about compatibility of shaders written in cg? do they run equally well both on nvidia and ati cards? or are there always compatibility problems? as cg is an invention of nvidia - could it be that they somehow push their own cards ?

This is the best treatment I’ve found on that subject. It’s not a tutorial, but it might help.

ok, thanks ! this was the article that impressed me so much with its images of reflective bumpmapping :slight_smile: . after a little confusion with EMBM, i realised that i have to use fragment shaders to make this effect. i have written some tutorials using either CG or GLSL to implement some simple shaders.

whats unclear for me: whats the difference between CG and GLSL ? for me it seems that CG is a more or less proprietary solution to high level shader programming and GLSL is the vendor independent solution. why CG is still in use ?!?!?