Hi !

I downloaded the <gl.h, glu.h, …> headers from opengl.org. They are version 1.1 !

Are they up-to-date ?

What is the difference between static and dynamic linking ? Are these header for static linking ?

Thanx for replies !

As far as I know, static linking builds the LIB file into your project so that users do not need to have the DLL files they link to. Dynamic linking means that it will access the DLL that users have installed. It will report an error if it cannot find them.

By default the libraries are dynamically linked. However, I haven’t found any options to allow libraries other than MFC to be static.


The .lib files used are either static or dynamic. In the case of OpenGL, the .lib files are dynamic libraries. There’s no option to link dynamic libraries statically. You need library files that were compiled to be linked as static libraries in order to do static linking. In the case of MFC, both are present and you have the option to use one or the other.

So far as the original question about OpenGL 1.1. The OpenGL implementation for Windows is currently still at 1.1. If you have drivers that support higher versions, you need to access the functions for those higher versions the same way you would access extensions. That is, you use wglGetProcAddress to assign a pointer to the functions present in the higher versions.

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