Header Files

Where i can download the header files to Open Gl for run in C/C++ compilers (don’t Visual C++)?

Do you mean opengl libraries?

For OpenGl, you need headers: opengl, glu, glaux and glut.
For C++, you could use the .h of Visual C++ without to use it.

To compil, it is not a problem. But you must to have a .lib to link all class and that it is a big problem…It exists differents librairies for Borland, visual…
Now, the official site of OpenGL (www.opengl.org) gives librairies for Visual.

To program OPG in Visual c++ it is the best (for me). Just the configuration it is bad for the first time. If you want to know ‘how to use OPG with Visual’, I can help you…
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why do people insist on calling “headers” as “header files”? <feels perplexed> why not just headers? sure, they’re files, but…!!! does no one say “header files” out loud and see that in sounds very familiar to something else?!

it has always perplexed me =) sorry; i’ll shut up now!!


Here is a direct link to the headers or header files