Head Mounted Displays

I am planning to use a head mounted display. I have the ability to generate two video outputs using an NVIDIA Quadro4 900 XGL card (on my PC).
Also, I have the ability to specify the parallax and “eye separation” between the left and right eye in my C++, OpenGL program.

Am I using the right programming approach to get things running with an HMD? If not, can you give me some suggestions.

Any information on a cheap, but effective HMD would also help.

Thanks very much,


Do-it-yourself with “two monitors two windows” approach?
Did you know that you can configure the Quadro4 900 XGL OpenGL quadbuffered stereo to display left and right image on the two monitor outlets effectively driving any passive stereo solution without any expensive stereo sync hardware?
(See the Additional OpenGL Properties dialog you can access if you enabled quadbuffered stereo.)

Everything you need to program is standard OpenGL stereo.

Cheapest head mounted display would be a system which allows to input two signals. (Don’t know one myself.)

Check out stereo hardware here http://www.stereo3d.com/3dhome.htm

Have a look at our web site: http://www.vrweb.com/

Click on the “VP Products” link, and then the HMD menu item on the left.