Having trouble unprojecting an orthographic view

For some odd reason, I’m not getting the right value when unprojecting an orthographic view but having no issue with perspective view. So the mouse value is +/-1 for the height and +/- ratio for the width with center being 0,0 and when unprojecting that postion I first project teh look at point at the center of the screen to get the projected z and fourth vertex value. I then multiply the x and y by that fourth vertex value, multiply it by the inverted projection matrix followed by the inverted model view. Is there something I’m missing? I know there’s a lazy way to find the world position of the mouse but I’d rather find what I’m doing wrong. No matter what I set the ortho graphic view range as, (-100,100 or -1,1), I keep getting ~ +/-0.4 on the edges of the screen.