Having trouble getting started.

Hey everyone, I’m brand new to this, so you’ll have to forgive me if my questions seem incredibly obtuse. I’m dying to get into this stuff, but I seem to be having trouble getting OpenGL and GLUT set up. Right now, I’m using the code blocks IDE. I’ve downloaded both GLUT and OpenGL. When I create a new project in code blocks, there’s an option to create a GLUT project, as well as an OpenGL one. When I create an OpenGL project, there’s some sample code that shows up by default, and when I build and run it, everything works fine. But when I try to build and run the sample code that appears after creating a GLUT project, I get like 50 errors. I’ve tried to follow a tutorial on getting OpenGL and GLUT set up, and the only thing I’m not entirely understanding is the whole Windows Platform SDK thing. I haven’t found a download that has this specific name. Could this be my problem? I also went into my computer’s environment variables, and added the paths to the GLUT and OpenGL files. (the tutorial mentioned this.) Any advice on how to get things working would be greatly appreciated. I just want to get things working so I can start downloading the source code for different tutorial exercises. As I said, I am absolutely dying to learn about this stuff. And again, I apologize if my questions seem ridiculous, I’m a newb, what can I say? :stuck_out_tongue:

In case this helps, the tutorial I was following can be found at this link: www.videotutorialsrock.com
it’s the “Lesson 0a: Getting OpenGL set up on Windows” video.

Thanks for any help.

Never mind, finally got it working. Exciting stuff.