Having build problems with MS Visual Studio 6

I am very new to OpenGL dev. I downloaded HeNe’s sample code. All of his exe’s work fine. When I try to build the projects with MS Vis Studio 6 w/ service pack 3 w/ latest SDK, some of my exe’s don’t run from the command line (they do run from Vis Studio). While his run from the command line, I’m confused to what is going on. Our EXE’s are the exact same size. They are both built for Release. Now do I also need to use new header and lib files that had existed within Vis Studio for OpenGL? This problem almost seems like a timing problem since it works withing the Vis Studio and not the command line, but I’m just guessing.

What error message do you get when they don’t run?

Just a guess. When I’ve run into this problem it is because when I run the .exe from the debug directory there are some input files or .dll or some other file in the directy imediatly below debug. One way to test this is to move the .exe into the directory below debug and see if it runs.

Duh, That was it. The bitmaps subdir need to be in the root of the exe.