Having a problem with texture mapping

Ever since i got a new computer which has nvidia gt 440 inside, im unable to do texture mapping the way i used to do.
This project https://github.com/MrBagamen/Pickin–NIGGS used to compile and run fine on my old pc which had some old sis 662 graphics card that supported only opengl 1.4 and this current one supports 4.1.
Now i use visual studio 2010 express with windows sdk 7.1 and sdl to compile it and this is the error that occurs.

I have no idea what to do.
I read in some book that some of the old functions have been removed from newer implemetations of opengl.
Thanks in advance.

What do you use for extension loading? GLEW? Do you check it for errors? Have you got the latest drivers installed and veryfied that OpenGL 4.1 is available?

I do have latest drivers and other opengl applications run fine.
I herd of GLEW but i have no idea what i should do with it.

EDIT: I have fixed it. It seems that my textures werent even loaded so i guess thats what caused crash.

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