Having a problem with starting up a game due to OpenGL drivers

I recently downloaded a game (Darkest Dungeon) and have been playing it for about a week. two days ago when i went to start up the game i get an error message saying

“please install the latest OpenGL drivers for your graphics card. (opengl1.1.0 detected) A GPU capable of OpenGL 3.2 or better is required.”

I have upgraded my drivers as much as i could but the message keeps coming up

I have an
AMD R5 M200 /HD 8500M series
AMD Radeon HD 8510G

none of that makes sense to me, it might to you though

Can anyone help with this problem. My laptop should definitely be able to play the game as i was already playing it for a week without any problems

Is this a laptop with switchable graphics? The “M” in “HD 8500M” suggests so. If so, it sounds as though your game is trying to run on the wrong GPU.

it has dual graphics if thats what you mean