Has Intel's stone age of OpenGL finally past?

It seems that the stone age of Intel’s OpenGL has finally past. :slight_smile:

14 years after the Intel740, maybe Intel can be relevant in rich 3D acceleration.
Hoping it will take less time for fast 3D acceleration…

It probably wont be more relevant then it is on D3D side.

I see absolutely nothing on that page talking about driver quality. Sure, they’re implementing a higher version number. But if their implementation doesn’t work, just as their 3.0 implementation doesn’t work, then what’s the point?

Plus, it’s not like they’re back-porting this to all of their pre-Ivy Bridge hardware. So you still can’t rely on Intel actually working.

Just a fun side-note: On Linux, where they managed to be the first to push GL 3.0 to the MESA stack (which personally I commend them for), their GLSL compiler spits out error messages which aren’t really that helpful. They go as far as putting the actual symbolic constants used by the parser, like “NEW_IDENTIFIER” and so on, in to shader logs. :slight_smile: Compared to NVIDIA and AMD it’s quite ridiculous.

What would you expect them to write about driver quality?
“our driver is higher quality now”, “we pass all conformance tests”?

A list of bugfixes would be nice i guess.

What would you expect them to write about driver quality?

My point was that them claiming support for a higher version does not indicate improved support for OpenGL. Odds are, they just want the bullet point, just like they did for 3.0.

Note that the support is 4.0, not 4.1 or 4.2, even though 4.1 has been out for over a year now. That suggests that they still don’t care; they just want the bullet point.