Has anybody seen GLwDrawingArea these days?

HI ppl;

This is my first post here & it’s gonna be a question/request (like real lammer);

I use Xt & Xlib and want to render opengl to an Xt widget. I have seen all classic exemples on the net, and it seems to not be much choice then to use GLwDrawingArea (or GLwMDrawingArea) for that purpose. Man page says:

GLwDrawingArea and GLwMDrawingArea are widgets suitable for OpenGL
drawing. They provide a window with the appropriate visual and col-
ormaps needed for OpenGL, based on supplied parameters. ( … )

   GLwDrawingArea is not a part of any widget set, but depends only on Xt.
   GLwDrawingArea can be used with any  widget  set. 

But where is includes and in which lib is GLwDraw…? I’m using redhat (fedora) and when looking in /usr/include/GL I can fid GLdDrawA.h but it only specifys motif versions of that function (not those without the M). Second even when I try to create GLvMDraw … or GLwM2Draw … the linker can’t find the function in the lib. I have included all of libraries listed on man page but linker can’t find it. So does anyone know where is that GLwDrawArea?

Should it come with Xfree or with motif or with opengl? Does anyone have link to some sources for dl? something …

thnks in advance

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