Hardware TnL in OpenGL?

I’m using GeForceMX400 video-card and I know it has Hardware TnL engine. But how to write OpenGL code that use these capabilities?
Does OpenGL code using TnL is different about every video-card vendor(nVidia,ATI…)?

If I’m not mistaken Scorpion, you’ll automatically be using hardware TnL (Transform & Lighting) when programming in OpenGL. From what I understand from the OpenGL 1.2 docs, it seems that transforms and lighting are done by the grahipcs cards unless you change these settings manually, or you just don’t use OpenGL’s functions (such as glTranslate, glRotate, and glScale)and you use your your own code. Maybe someone else knows for sure, but I don’t think I’m wrong.

Yaole is correct – how your vertices are transformed and lit is something you don’t need to worry about in OpenGL.

As long as your transforming your vertices via standard OpenGL methods (basically, using the modelview and projection matrices), the OpenGL drivers should take care of using the hardware TnL features (if they’re available).

It’s good to know that TnL works for me without any additional efforts.

Good to hear, indeed. I think I really like OpenGL. :slight_smile: