Hardware Skinning

1.how can i do Hardware Skinning in OpenGL?

  1. cam i use fixed functionally for Hardware Skinning? or i must use shaders?

3.where can i found documentations or example code for Hardware Skinning ?

ARB_vertex_blend for fixed function, otherwise you may use a shader.

Most open source engines should have sample code, ask google also, should give you answers.

how can i use this extension?

If your card/drivers support it, just use GLEW to link in extensions, and then you’ll have the functionality of the extension available.

If your card/drivers don’t support it, you can try upgrading drivers. If they still don’t, you’re screwed until you get a new card.

BTW, despite being an ARB extension, vertex_blend is about as dead as extensions get. It was only ever supported by ATi (nVidia rightly wouldn’t touch it). And while ATi kept support going through their R300-R400 products, the R500 has no support for it.

In short: don’t touch it.

You can find example code in NVidia SDK 9

Look for “improved skinning”