hardware question...

Hey guys…

lets suppose i got a N fps on my program, ok ??
now i got a new 3DFX card. so automatically
my FPS will raise ??? or i have to rewrite my whole code redirecting, with some kind of special comands, to my new card ???

how is it ???


Hmmmm, depends on the limiting factor: if your fps is low because your old card can’t draw your scene fast enough, speed will rise with a faster card. When all your transformations and calculations eat up your processor-time and your graphic-card just sits around and waits, nothing will be better with a new graphic-card except your grafic-card does the transformation for you and not the CPU. But even actual 3DFX-cards don’t have a copro for those things. GeForce can do it, some 3DLabs (prfessional) cards do it, S3 Savage2000 should let it be…

As mentioned by Marc, depending on your actual bottleneck, you’re card will speed up or not the process.

On an OpenGL viewpoint, you don’t have to do anything on your card to take advantage of its power.
IF it’s delivered with a full OpenGL ICD.
In case it uses a miniGL drivers, you’ll need to link your code to that Drivers.

(Never did that, so I cannot help)
BTW, 3DFx cards are far from the best available 3D gfx accelerators.
(nVidia anyone ? Matrox? …)

Originally posted by Marc:
[…] S3 Savage2000 should let it be…

S3 Savage 2000’s copro from what I’ve heard is disabled… So I wouldn’t count too much on that card…

3dfx cards have full opengl support. even voodoo3 now has full opengl. minigl is, i believe, a thing of the past.

i think they’ve pretty much come to realize that the industry would rather use a platform independant standard (such as OpenGL) rather than Glide. or miniGL.