hardware querying

Anyone know how to query what videocard you have in win2k using c++. I have seen some apps have a hardware check at launch that lists all kinds of system information like what video card and what driver etc…



BOOL EnumDisplayDevices(
LPCTSTR lpDevice, // device name
DWORD iDevNum, // display device
PDISPLAY_DEVICE lpDisplayDevice, // device information
DWORD dwFlags // reserved

If you need any further info look this function up in msdn. You may need to have the latest version of Platform SDK (Nov 2001) to utilise this function in it’s final release state. It may be included in VC++ 6.0 as beta functionality so to access this beta function you must first

#define WINVER 0x0500

[Forgot to say that hardware acceleration is only available on the primary display device on a system with mulitiple VGA adaptors.]

Good luck

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Thanks alot, I knew there must be a way!!!
I will check in MSDN for it.