Hardware Problem

I have to do some openGL coding for a class i am taking. my primary computer is a Dell 600m 1.4 Pentium M. It has an ATI Mobility Radeon display adapter with the XGA monitor.

I have multiple hard drives for the system because of space issues. One hard drive contains games. That hard drive has XP pro and the same drives and runs fast ans fine. Atleast one game is an OpenGL based game and it runs seamlessly.

My other hard drive is my development hard drive. This is the hard drive that i am trineg to develope stuff using OpenGL. I am not sure of the problem but OpenGL just runs really slow. My system should support OpenGL and run this software fast. However, instead of running nice and smooth like the other students systems it pegs my CPU and the movements are really slow and jumpy.

Does anyone know if there is a service i may have disabled or a setting that coul be causeing this very annoying major slowdown of OpenGL on my system.


install proper ATI video driver.

i have tried several video drivers to try and correct the problem. Ranging from the correct ATI driver. to a generic on. Still no speedup

It is possible that your application is requesting some OpenGL feature or pixel format that is not supported in hw.