Hardware details

Hi there,

I search for a list of graphic chip features. I want to know what features each chip has, like cores, local mem (where and how much) constant mem and so on. If no one knows, maybe we could build such a list here.

Thanks for any help


You can find basic information such as number of cores, size of global memory on the manufacturer’s websites. Other information such as local memory size etc. doesn’t vary between chips of the same architecture, as far as I know, and can therefore be found in documents describing the architecture.

Ok, so I need to do the chip by chip search.
It would be easier with an related list. so I didn’t now in first place, that the local mem of the ATI 4350 is located in global mem, not in local sRam. Maybe any document does know this, but a central list is easier to search for this informations.


There might be a buddy in the group that would like pricing and availability on a GPU or development system.

Please let me know because I would be glad to help.