Hardware cursor disappears


When running my application in windowed mode, the win32 hardware cursor works fine on my gf2gts. However, when switching to fullscreen mode, the cursor disappears. I’m using the latest official nvidia drivers (44.03).

So, apart from broken drivers, hw cursors should always show on top of windows, even in fullscreen, which is simply a borderless window that matches the screen resolution. Right?

What’s up?

  • elias

I have an app that does a fullscreen window and haven’t had this problem. I did notice when moving from using a Geforce to a Radeon card that the cursor handling was a bit different. I little investigation showed that the Radeon’s handling was more correct so you may have just hit a driver bug.

You may want to try trapping the WM_CREATE and WM_SETCURSOR messages and explicitly SetCursor( IDC_ARROW ) and ShowCursor( TRUE )