Hardware acc in Win95+Voodoo2+VB

Does anybody have a WORKING application of an hardware rendered project in VB ?? I have tried everything to hardware render my app, but I just can’t seem to get it working, I have installed all the latest driver.


PS: What about glide3x.dll ? What the hell does that do ?

by ‘hardware accelerated’ i think you mean OpenGL, glide3x.dll is for the api Glide.
Also, i assume you aren’t trying to get it to do it (hardware rendering) in a window, v2’s can’t do that unless you can somehow get the output and draw it to your standard video cards’ memory. also, i’ve seen some problems fixed by putting 3dfxvgl.dll in the same folder as the app, and/or copying that file to the windows\system dir (in win 9x) or windows\system32 (in w2k/win me (i think) and win nt)

my 2 cents worth