hardrware yuv2rgb

is it possible to make hardware yuv2rgb color space conversion using opengl?
for those who do not know, it is linear transformation:
r=c1y + c2v
g=c1y + c3u + c4v
y + c5*u

where c? represent floating point constants.



I think that is possible on professionnal opengl hardware. The opengl functionnality you’ll use is called the “Color Matrix”. Such conversions using the color matrix are explained in the SuperBible, if I remember well. It’s not implemented in ordinary hardware like geforces 1,2,3 (AFAIK).


perhaps you can do it with register combiners on nvidias hw. There you can do a lot of dot3 ops(>GF3). I remind that I saw on nvidias developer site a demo of doing a 3x3 color matrix on a GF1.