Haptic feedback is too strong (Unity OpenXR + Vive PRO series)

Hello everyone!

Our team is experiencing an issue with haptic feedback on Vive PRO headsets: the feedback is too strong and long in comparison with Q2 or Rift devices. We are using XR Interaction Toolkit that sends haptic events and a custom system that binds controls to the particular device type, as well as haptic settings, and we managed to find proper settings for all of the headsets except Vive PRO. The haptic minimal parameters (0.01 duration and 0.025 strength) at which the feedback works are still producing too strong feedback.

Should we dig the problem in the area of OpenXR, or there is something about the XR Interaction Toolkit itself?

Would be great to get any tips, so thanks in advance!

Hmm. I think the parameters in OpenXR are duration and frequency, I’m not sure how that toolkit you mention maps strength to frequency but that’s possibly the bug.

Ideally it should let you use the same values across devices, though the nature of the various controllers (ERM vs LRA haptics, resonant frequency for LRA devices, etc) makes it somewhat imprecise. (ERM devices have no frequency control.) If you see wildly different effects for the same non-negligible values (larger than “just barely perceptible”), then contact the runtime vendor with questions.

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