HALO help

damn guys halo runs ****ty on my comp. AT LOWEST SETTINGS POSSIBLE.

my specs.

p4 3.06ghz 800 mhz fsb HT*
1024mb (2 x 512) DDR pc-3200 ram
(PNY)Geforce FX 5700 ultra 128 DDRII @ 900 mhz
Sound blaster audigy platinum.
SATA 80gb @ 10,000 rpm

what do i need to do? i have lates 53.0 nvidia drivers

With this comp i should be able to run @ highest settings with no problem.

Halo is an DirectX game, this is an OpenGL related forum. Now we figured out that you asked in the wrong forum what are going to do now?

Oh yeah, we move on…

thanks sry.

No problem dude!