Halo from environment map

nutty… if you would have asked yesterday i would have explained it, just dont run away

well its easy… simply calculate your color in the texenv or rc’s or fragmentshaders, subtract one, calculate the brightness of this (a dp3) and draw this into the alpha-part of the screen.
the subtract one can be done with the help of signed_add… at least the registercombiners wich have range -1,1 work. and the fragmentshaders with range from -8,8 are no problem eighter…

then use this alphavalue for knowing how visible the glow there is and then do the fast blurring with help of the link i sent to you ( http://www.ati.com/developer/sdk/RadeonSDK/Html/Samples/Direct3D/RadeonLightGlare.html ) wich yields to much faster big blurring (wreckless blurres quite big but not that bright except bright highlights…)

or you simply draw into the alphabuffer 1 if it this pixel should glow and 0 else (per texel on a map or per object or whatever…) as long as you generate the envmap yourself in realtime the alpha will be there, too… as on the reflected water…

and yes its a postrendering effect that logical

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I didn’t run anywhere, I had things to do, other than argue over M$'s inconsistent windows API.

Anyway, thats enuff of that. I’ll post a new demo Sunday, which will maybe have that feature in, as well as a host of different blur tricks, and UI to all the values.


Arguing is my job - you don’t want trouble with the unions

Sunday is a distant memory now, Nutty…where’s your program!

hehe… sorry I was busy watching the grand-prix, and washing my car, and cleaning the kitchen. It will be sometime this week.


A traditional Sunday, as god intended.

Finally got some nice big and fast blur running now. Take a look at these OTT screenies…
http://www.nutty.org/ScreenShots/cool1.jpg http://www.nutty.org/ScreenShots/cool2.jpg http://www.nutty.org/ScreenShots/cool3.jpg http://www.nutty.org/ScreenShots/cool4.jpg http://www.nutty.org/ScreenShots/cool5.jpg

Over 100fps, and I aint started optimizing yet…

Next I’m gonna add lighting, and try Daves greater than 1.0 intensity light glare.


Lookin’ good Nutty!
Any reason why you’re not posting an exe ?
Don’t worry about compatibility problems, just post it!

All in good time… Probably late friday night, so I can add some more features.

Originally posted by Nutty:
Probably late friday night

How can you do anything after a looooooooong pub session ???


just have to say it now looks quite cool, but its not yet finished… hope he get it this evening

I find some of my best coding stints are when i’m drunk…

Demo on my site, if anyones interested… I’d appreciate some feedback on frame-rates on various hardware. Be sure to let me know how many mip-level’s you’re using at the time.


P.S. There’s still alot of optimizations to be done in there too.

Wow! Wow! Wow!
That’s it! That’s the wreckless effect!
Fantastic looking demo, Nutty.
Post that as an image of the day on flipcode…

You can do it for me if you want, cos I’m not a member there or anything…

Glad you like it…


Err, no - it’d be best if you did it Don’t like the idea of sharing credit for something I didn’t do.

Forgot to give you some stats:-

My set up: athlon 1.2ghz, geforce3 ti500

default settings: 92fps
mipmap level 6: 102fps

Once again, fine demo. Good to see something dramatic for a change.

i just want to state that i’m currently playing wreckless, and it has even more funny features… you can enable filters wich affect the image afterwards, to get all those nice effects like night-vision, or edge-filters etc… there are some great looking ones, looks like movies… its damn cool game somehow…

great job with the demo btw… so far so cool… let it be more than just a spaceship now (skybox with glowing sun etc) and then put it on flipcode, yes…

Nutty, it might be a nice gesture if you give Alex Evans a credit in your source code, or didn’t you read that article I linked to?

I didn’t read it. That link just prompted a username and password for me. The only help was Dave, and the technique about using mip-levels in blurs from ATI developer page, that Dave found. I didn’t bother looking at the source tho. Credits to Dave and ATI are in the source…

I have some wondering about using destination alpha, and alpha-test to help cut down fill-rate… I’m gonna post another version soon with more complex features, more optimizations, and some different blur styles.

Ok. I haven’t read the ATI doc. I can only assume that someone at ATI read it, because that is exactly what the gamasutra article suggests doing, dated feb 2001 - and it’s what I have done. I’m not getting all uptight about IP - I’m happy you’ve given ATI credit.
I think I’m a little drunk - watching Peter Kay on telly…