Halo eviroment effect

Anyone have an idea how to make the enviroment object as sky and cloud like halo?

You should try creating a very big textured sphere and putting the camera inside it.
Be careful with normals & face culling.

The cluod, in halo seem to be only a texture!
You don’t think

I have only seen small QT movies of Halo,
but the sphere trick is the most common
in games & broascast quality 3D animation.
Just load the cloud picture in Photoshop & offset it in X about half the resolution of the image.
Then use the clone tool to blend the image where the discontinuity is visible,
with this technique you can be shure that
your sky picture will wrap around the sphere in a natural way.

I’ve been using a sky dome for a while. It’s a very nice effect (much better than just a quad for the clouds). But, my sky texture sucks, anybody know of a good source for them?


I think that, on way is to get some picture of cloud(possible procedural texture) and use a quad for every cloud.
In this way can be controlled every cloud.

I don’t care to control every cloud, this is too much of a waste for my project, I just want some cloud textures (preferably wrap around) that look reasonable.


mipmaping will make yer sky look cool. load your texture of the sky as a mipmap and yer off… it sort of cleans up the texture.

Yeah, I’m already doing that with my current sky texture, I’m just running off a 128x128 texture and have pushed my liking of it to the limits. I would like to move to a better texture, so I was wondering if anybody knew where there were any good photos of the sky or anything like that which I could use to make a better sky dome.