Halflife and new nVidia drivers

The new drivers are great, but i am having one problem with halflife since i installed them. Halflife now only runs in a window on the desktop, its hard to explain, but it doesnt fill the whole screen, you can see the desktop behind the window. its pretty wierd.
Anyone else having a similar problem/solution?

  • Dave

dunno for sure, try hitting “alt enter” when HL is running.

Hope that works.


argh!! im having the same damn problem and i cant figure it out i would also apriceate if someone would help out with any suggestions.
i tried the newest detonator drivers and the latest opengl download.

Hmm r u guys running it in opengl or direct3d? Cuz I noticed that sometimes it switches into window mode when I use direct3d, but when I connect to the server it auto switches back to full screen. I rarely use direct3d though.

Sorry if this sounds condacending, but the only thing I can think of is that you’re running your desktop at a higher resolution than the game. try switching resolutions in the game.
I’ve got my own problems with half life… the game will lock up my computer. sometimes I can play for 15 minutes or more, sometimes as little as 3. I’m running a duron650 with a geforce 2mx (latest drivers) the game will freeze in direct3d mode and opengl mode. quake2 also freezes, (requiring reboot) though not nearly so often.
I am certain this is a video related problem, as this never occured with my old s3virge and voodoo2. does anyone know what I can do?