Half Life upgrade probelms

I,ve a Diamond Monster3d II (DirectX 6 Drivers version with Glide drivers version 2.54 ) that worked well in OpenGL mode with Half Life (Italian version). After having installed the Italian Half Life patch a message like this appears running the game: “this mode is not supported by your video card”.
Is these anybody who can help me?

I forgot to say, I’ve tried all OpenGl drivers I found (MiniGL 1.47, WickedGL 4.08) but the result is the same.

I have noticed problems with that card before similar to what you are experiencing, but for em that error was because i was trying a higher res then was supported ( the 8 meg version only technically supports 800x600 but i have seen it higher).


I am having similar difficulty. I have a ati all-in-wonder 128 pro 32mb agp video card and enjoyed the rich flowing graphics of game play in openGL mode, since installing the lastest half life patch I am only able to connect in software mode. I have contacted and sought support from Sierra, Valve, Won.net, and ATI. I’ve updated every driver on my system and even formatted, started from scratch and did the halflife update in one chunk (as recommended by some genius from one of the places I listed above) and still nothing. This HL patch has all but put me out of the game. Software mode is horribly choppy and I am very frustrated. Why even bother having a video card. This is the mode I played in before I got my video card. This patch came out on 6/28 and I have been pulling my hair out ever since trying to find a solution. If you or anyone else finds one please e-mail me at Carameah@aol.com.

Thanks and good luck to all

i have some Problems with WickedGL for Voodoo1 (Playing Half-Life), a Friend of me gave it to me, but it doesn´t work, and he said, it works, because he has got a Voodoo1 too.