Half-Life: OpenGL Not Supported : ((XP)ATI USERS POST ONLY

I have a 8500LE on a p4p800-Deluxe, Windows XP
I know alot of people have this exact problem… I’ve tryed many different solutions like turning off hardware accel full and off.

If theirs a patch, file or anything you guys know that WORKS for sure, please post


This error only started to occur when I upgraded to Windows XP from 2000. I was also using a 9600 pro ptior, but 8500 was also working on 2000.

There is nothing that “WORKS for sure” as the problem and hence the solution is different from case to case.

In your case:

You “upgraded” to XP (personly I dont think XP is any better), in this process XP will replace your video drivers (or parts of them) with an “updated” one, at least a video driver M$ thinks is better for you. Unfortunatley the “updated” driver is a POS and doesnt support OpenGL at all. That comes to no suprise since OpenGL is an rival to DirectX.

I always do a clean install of Windows (Win95B, Win98, Win98SE, WinME, W2K, XP) and never had a single problem with OpenGL but heard countless complains when people “updated” from one Windows version to a “better” one (funny that quiet some non M$ apps break during the “upgrade” process, must be bad fate or something).

I suggest you do a clean install of XP, install the service pack, DX9 and the ATI drivers and you should be fine (note: some “Windows updates” are flaky an may break OpenGL again).

Before you freak out:
I am dealing with 3D hardware since the very beginning (NV1, ATI Rage, …) so I know my ****, do you know yours?

Are you running in programs in the background like MatLab?

Have you done a clean reinstall of your ATI drivers? That means you uninstall the drivers in add/remove programs, delete all your C:\Windows\Inf\ati*.inf files, reboot and install new XP ATI drivers.

Have you done a clean reinstall of Half-Life? That means you uninstall Half-Life in add/remove programs, delete the half-life folder, and reinstall half-life.

Are you running a valid copy of Half-Life? Is it the latest version? If not, why not? If you do a clean reinstall, patch it!