Half-life Opengl Issue

Hey , every time i connect to a server or try to create one when using opengl under half-life i get this error message as soon as the console appears

Hl caused an illegal operation blablah
If the problem persists blabla

HL executed an invalid instruction in
module <unknown> at 0000:00000077.
EAX=0000006e CS=017f EIP=00000077 EFLGS=00210a82
EBX=0000276b SS=0187 ESP=008580c0 EBP=00858378
ECX=008580cc DS=0187 ESI=015b5740 FS=5def
EDX=08d1f08f ES=0187 EDI=00858374 GS=0000
Bytes at CS:EIP:
f0 22 05 00 00 22 f9 ff ff a8 0f c9 00 45 04 f6
Stack dump:
76003481 008580cc 015b5740 015b5740 76002881 015b0b50 015b28c0 015b0b5c 76002d66 015b28c0 00858374 008583dc 75fe121a 00002736 06d2c206 ffffffed

Ihave a p3500 128 RDRAM geforce 256 DDR ( creative ) under w98-SE , i have tried loads of different drivers including the creative ones and none work …