Half-life Mods\Windows XP\Open GL not best friends

i have tried every little patch. every GLsetup thing. ive talked with a million people. no matter what i do when i try to play a half life mod on windows XP with Open GL it Says " this open GL mode not supported by your graphics card."
isnt there some lil patch or seomthing i can download and fix all this?

Not enough info

What mod, what graphics card, what driver version, motherboard chipset, etc…

DOD is the mod.
i THINK the graphics card is ATI.
i dont know motherboard/chipset
the open GL drivers is the latest. i swear i re-installed them 2000 times!

Ummm… not to discredit you or anything, but how can you NOT know the manufacturer of your video card, but have the latest drivers installed?

Installing GLSetup is not sufficient, as far as I can tell that piece of software hasn’t been updated since Sept. 2001. OpenGL support is delivered with the drivers for your video card, so you need to download the latest drivers from your video card manufacturer. Check “Device Manager” under “System Properties” on your computer, the video card should be under “Display Adapters”.

Hope this helps…

Make sure that Windows is using maximum hardware acceleration (Display Properties -> Settings Tab -> Advanced -> Troubleshoot)

I have no idea if this will help you, but I’ve found SciTech Display Doctor to be a very useful tool in the past to help with compatibility problems. You can download a trial from www.scitechsoft.com