HALF-LIFE Counterstrike not werkin well on opengl after upgrading from win98 to winXP

My specs are:
1.1 ghz amd thunderbird
256 Ram
40 gig harddrive
Nvidia Geforce2 Gts

i need some help… after updating to win XP from Win 98 counterstrike wasnt werkin properly. when i wanted to join games it said that my video card did not suport the opengl. so i updated my driver thru the nvidia website. after updating it the pictures came out fine…but there was lag between my mouse and the picture shown on my computer screen. i tried switchin ti direct3d but nothing showed up… then lowered the resolution from the default 800-600 but the problem still exist… can ne one help me???/

Upgrading from Win98 to WinXP is a “Very Bad Idea”. I have heard of few to none occasions where this has worked successfully. I’d suggest reading through some of the other posts in this forum, perhaps some of the ideas will have a fix for you.

i do agree, updating to xp is a bad idea. But, 98 does not support over 128 meg of ram, after this point it takes processing power to support it, there for if you have over 512 meg of memory the graphics fail in windows.

As XP and 2000 are based on NT they have no such problem.

Therefor in my opinion it is best to upgrade to 2000